Does your blood type predispose you to acquiring COVID-19?Do you know your blood type?

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Researchers are questioning whether a person's blood type has any bearing on contracting COVID-19.

There were 2 genetic studies conducted to show a correlation between blood type and COVID-19 risk. Sounds intriguing, right? Well, the jury is still out…

1st study appeared in New England Journal of Medicine

There had 1,610 English and Spanish COVID-19 patients with respiratory symptoms in one group and 2,205 uninfected patients as the control group; age, ethnicity and gender were factors

This study found that blood type A had a higher risk of acquiring COVID-19 with respiratory failure than type O!

Reference: Ellinghaus D, et al.N Engl J Med.2020;doi:10.1056/NEJMoa2020283

Another study conducted through a collaborative effort with the genetic company, '23andMe', analyzed genetic data from over 800,000 genetic customers; preliminary findings showed that people with type O blood have a more protective effect against the virus versus other blood types; type O people were less likely to be hospitalized overall

Hmm, something to ponder. Bottomline is this...

Further studies are needed to corroborate these findings but it does give further insight into why some people get sick while others don’t.

*Things we do know**

-If you are age 75 yrs or older, you are at risk of acquiring COVID19 with complications arising form that

-co-morbidities (DM, heart disease, COPD, obesity) definitely predispose you to this virus

-folks with oxygen impairment and inflammation are at risk of becoming critically ill

At this juncture, no one has definitive answers on this novel virus but...

--> Continue to practice social distancing, masks, hand washing etc…this we know is working and just makes sense!

Blood typing 101

Do you know what blood type you are?

Blood Components

RBCs -carry oxygen

WBCs -fight infection (Abs)

Platelets -help clot blood

You have Antigens (Ag) and Antibodies (Ab) that help with triggering the immune system to fight an infection; antigens are proteins that trigger the immune system and stimulate production of antibodies which in turn fight and destroy bacterial and viral invaders

Antigens and antibodies determine your blood type…

Type A -has the A antigen and B antibody on it

Type B -has the B antigen and the B antibody

Type AB -has both A and B antigens but no antibodies

Type O (universal donor) – no antigens BUT has both antibodies on it

Here's a fun fact..I am blood type A

Want to know your blood type?

You can find out by donating blood locally…blood products are always in need and especially as we begin to see a resurgence in critically ill COVID patients in the hospitals.

You can also call our clinic and be tested! A quick little blood draw will be sent off to a lab to be tested...its always to good to know

Interested? Call me at 575-222-1834 or visit the website and go to our contact page.

I'm asking you all to stay safe, be sensible, and think of your fellow neighbor and loved ones by wearing your mask, social distance, avoid crowded places and wash your hands to reduce the chance of spread.

Happy 4th, God bless and see you next Friday for another Feel Good Friday!!

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