Give the Gift of Health with a DPC Membership

Many folks are looking at alternatives to the high-priced health insurance plans offered that leave them with impersonalized care, high copay and deductibles to meet. We understand that times are tough and you need health care and a dedicated practitioner more than ever. If you or a loved one would like to see what it's like to be a member with VIP medical care for a fraction of the cost, then consider our limited-time special pricing.

3 Month Membership (includes consultation, exam, labs and medications at cost, and unlimited access to your licensed, board certified medical provider) for only $65/month. There is no obligation to continue as a member after the 3 months but we're certain that you'll want to stay! *This offer commences January 1st and ends March 31, 2021. **NEW MEMBERS ONLY**

NM tax added to fee.

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