Why Good Posture is Important for the Whole Body and Mind

1. Reduces low back pain: stress to intervertebral discs, facet joints, ligaments, and muscles

Remedy: Mick Jagger stretch

2. Reduces Headaches: tension Has common; ‘goose neck’ posture

Remedy: Chin retraction stretch for posterior cervical/neck muscles

3. Increases Energy: straighten spine, lift the rib cage and open the lungs; increase gas exchange resulting in increased oxygen

Remedy: Seated or Standing Mountain Pose

4. Improved Circulation and Digestion: slouching shortens the available organ space in the thorax and abdomen reducing efficiency

Remedy: Bodyball stretch

5. Reduces TMJ tension and pain: excessive head protraction places stress on jaw muscles and SCM

Remedy: Head rotation and gentle neck stretches

Ergonomics at work and get your check checked

6. Improves Core Stability: the ‘girdle effect’ facilitates straight spine, good circulation, protective imaginary girdle

Remedy: Plank exercise

7. Exude Confidence both inwardly and outwardly: psyches you up and empowers you

Remedy: Wonder Woman Pose in the mirror

Remember: You matter, you are energy, you have purpose, you have passion, and you have the power to be the very best you can be…carpe diem!! Seize the day!

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